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The fact is emergency lighting is necessary for all businesses. If a fire happens to break out then within 30 seconds all standard ceiling lighting and emergency exit signage will become totally ineffective. As a fire accelerates the smoke quickly rises up towards the ceiling and starts forming a hot layer working downwards. As people our natural reaction is to keep low to the ground. This is away from where the smoke is less dense and toxic, also there is a supply of cooler, cleaner air. The people in the building aren't necessarily accustomed to the lay out of a building, in a restaurant for example. In these cases given the poor visibility and lack of the knowledge of the lay out people soon begin to panic and become disorientated. In some cases people have tragically lost their lives only a couple of meters away from an exit door. This is why emergency signage is of the utmost importance.

Research on low mounted emergency lighting.
Independent researchers conducted a study this proved that low mounted emergency lighting systems will continue to offer a highly line of visible light when you are at, or close to the floor, this continues long after regular lighting has been completely obscured by smoke. A low mounted emergency light system can clearly show the escape path and will illuminate the route to safety, this will therefore improve evacuation times, causing less panic and finally will assist in saving lives.

There are 3 regular types of emergency lighting system.
The non-maintained system (this is a system where an emergency light or lamp kicks in when the power fails).
A maintained system (this is exactly the same as a non-maintained system but the light is on all the time).
A sustained system. In this system there are two lights, one is a non maintained light and the other is a maintained light if the power fails the non-maintained light comes on and the maintained light shuts down.

We can install an emergency light system suitable for your requirements at a very reasonable price. We also can carry out periodic testing on your emergency lights and provide certification of compliance. We are fully insured and all of our work comes with a standard 1 year parts and labor guarantee. For all inquiries please call one of our senior electricians now on 01-6874854.

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